What To Expect On A Rhine River Cruise

The Rhine is a European river over 1200km long that begins in the region of Graubünden in the south-eastern Swiss Alps, before flowing through Germany and the Netherlands to eventually empty into the North Sea near Rotterdam.  

There’s other waterways connected to the Rhine which sometimes feature in Rhine River cruise itineraries. The Main, the Moselle and the Danube River.

Many people say, once they have tried a river cruise they are converted.  There is something magical about a river cruise and its relaxed pace providing guests with the opportunity to fully absorb the beauty and romance of the countries they pass through.

Large ocean liners generally carry thousands of passengers, while river cruise ships are more like floating boutique hotels – big enough to be roomy while still providing an intimate experience for around 200 passengers.  On a river cruise, there aren’t the long queues or delays that accompany disembarking thousands of passengers off a single gangway.

The most common Rhine cruise will usually see you travel on the upper part of the Rhine River from Amsterdam to Mainz, Germany where the Rhine and Main rivers meet.  Variations to your itinerary can include an easterly jaunt to Passau, Vienna and Budapest on the Danube or south to Bucharest and the Black Sea.

This idyllic way to travel has the appeal of only unpacking once and you can combine multiple countries and regions on your holiday.

The Rhine is known for a fairytale moment around each corner, medieval towers, alpine views, steep gorges, ruins and colourful locals,

You can expect to meander past quaint villages, dramatic scenery of lush vineyards and experience shore excursions designed to immerse you in the local culture.

You can expect to see loads of castles and castle ruins, particularly between Rudesheim and Koblenz in Germany.

You can expect to learn and indulge in the cultures you come across as you pass through townships including Strasbourg, Cologne and Antwerp.

You can expect to try new things; home cooked meals; local liqueurs; push-bike riding along the river side; strolling through Old Towns and historic quarters; private grand concerts; world heritage listed scenery; cable car rides; Roman ruins and much more.

You can expect to sample many regional wines and beers along with local delicacies.

You can expect to be converted and want to book your next river cruise as soon as you return home.

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