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Travel Tips

Helpful Travel Tips


Tip #1

Travel insurance is everything! If you only do one thing before you leave, make it getting travel insurance. 

Tip #2

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Tip #3

Carry around spare passport photos. In some countries you need them to buy a local SIM card, renting flats or acquiring visas. 

Tip #4

Don’t fly direct! When booking flights, sometimes it is cheaper to fly into airports close to your final destination, and then take a train or bus to where you need to go.

Tip #5

before you depart

Have a digital copy of your passport and passport photos in your email, so you can print more if you need them.

Tip #6

Always pack a towel. Carrying a small towel won’t add that much weight to your bag and you can use it on the picnic, on the beach, or just to dry off

Tip #7

Book flights 3-4 months in advance to get the best price!

Tip #8

Buy a small backpack (35-40 liters). It will be handy on small day trips.

Tip #9

Use points and miles for free travel. Learn the art of travel hacking and collect points and miles on your everyday shopping.


Tip #10

Pack light! Take half the clothes you think you will need out of your suitcase. Write down the essentials, halve the list and only pack that!

Tip #11

Eat street food! Don’t miss the culture, don’t skip the street food. Look for places where kids are eating. If it’s safe for them, it’s safe for you too.

Tip #12

Be patient. No need to rush. Travel is about the journey, not the destination.

Tip #13


When you check in to the hotel, don’t be afraid to ask for an upgrade

Often times they can accommodate you if the hotel isn’t full. Just be nice!

Tip #14

Don’t overplan your trip. Schedule two or three things and let the day fill in the rest on its own. 

Tip #15

Don’t dismiss money belts. Get one that you can tuck under your clothes so no one knows it’s there and you can carry your most valuable possessions (passport, credit cards)

foreign currency

Tip #16

Libraries, Starbucks and most cafes have free Wi-Fi. Check out those places first before paying for internet access.

Tip #17

book smart

Book Smart 

– through a travel agency and your journey will be tracked

Tip #18

Do your homework

– research things like culture, food, places to visit, climate and possible threats

Tip #19

At the airport – check in and head through security early 

check in early

Tip #20

If driving at your destination – wear a seat belt, avoid travelling at night and don’t drive tired

Tip #21

have a travel fund

Have a travel fund
When those travel deals pop up you’ll be ready to jump with your special savings!

Tip #22

Know How To Stay Safe
Be especially careful in highly touristy areas where there are large crowds in small spaces.

Tip #23

Travel Europe By Train
Train travel in Europe is an efficient and inexpensive way to get around within the countries and between them.

Travel Europe by Train

Tip #24

Have Cash With You
Use an ATM to withdrawal the local currency as it will use your bank’s exchange rate and lower than the currency exchange booths at the airport.

Tip #25

Pearl Harbour

Don’t take a purse or backpack when visiting Pearl Harbor. No bags of any sort are allowed through. If you do bring a bag with you, you’ll have to store it in a locker and pay a per-bag rate.

Tip #26

Best time to visit Hawaii is May-June and September-October
Though Hawaii is a year-round travel destination  those are the best time to visit, considering the weather and the peak tourist seasons.

Tip #27

Explore Hawaii islands
– for every week in Hawaii, you can explore a maximum of two islands.

Waikkiki beach

Tip #28

Grab a Lonely Planet guide to Hawaii
to have useful information at your fingertips and to better understand Hawaii’s culture and interesting history.

Tip #29

take sunscreen

Take Sunscreen With You

Sunburn not only causes pain but can also contribute to heat exhaustion. That’s why it’s important to pack some sunscreen into your bag, especially if you’ll be traveling in warmer climates.

Tip #30

Read Books About Your Destination

It can make your trip so much more meaningful when you have some connections.

Tip #31

Choose Your Seat Wisely

Your seat location could be one of the most important factors in how well—or how poorly—you sleep on a plane.

choose your seat wisely

Tip #32

Call Your Credit Card Company
Before leaving for your trip call your bank and/or credit card company and tell then where and when you’re travelling.