taste of Okinawa

Taste of Okinawa

Taste of Okinawa

In this week’s short video we will talk about Taste of Okinawa cooking experience.

The 3-hour program consists of a tour of Makishi public market and a cooking class with the aim to promote Okinawa’s food culture to the world.

Participants visit food markets nearby, where they learn about locally grown products and select ingredients to be used in the cooking class.

In the cooking class, participants prepare a four-course menu.

The class is operated by a bilingual Okinawan food enthusiast and professionally trained chefs. The classes are a fun, social, hands-on experience where participants will prepare various dishes in a teamwork setting under the thoughtful guidance of our chef instructors.

Enjoy viewing our “Minutes with the manager” video!

Making doughnuts. Yummie!

Tasting the Benito flakes

The delicious food is ready!

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