New Zealand Tours – What are my options?

New Zealand Tours

A quick three-hour flight from Brisbane over the “dutch” and you will land in New Zealand – a country rich in culture, full of delicious food and wine plus scenery like you’ve never seen before.

New Zealand is very easy to navigate and one of the best ways to really appreciate this country’s sites and attractions is to take your time and self-drive.

One popular option is to hire a motorhome. This is an appealing idea as it allows you to self-cater, keeping costs down and also all your belongings are with you. No need to pack and unpack each night.
New Zealand is well suited to motor-home touring and some of these vehicles are decked out with every mod con you could dream of. Internet connectivity for example wherever you are, GPS device, outdoor table and chairs, BBQ, push bikes, heating and cooling are some of them.

Finding somewhere suitable to park for the night is easy, you can choose from caravan parks, campgrounds, National Parks and there’s even spots for free stays. Freedom Camping is popular and welcome throughout all regions of New Zealand with local authorities maintaining the areas.

Motorhomes New Zealand toursMotorhomes have dual battery systems, one for starting the campervan, one for the internal appliances such as lights, fridge and water pump. These batteries will last approximately 12 hours when fully charged depending on usage. Some vehicles have solar panels too. All these features make it possible to stay overnight without power or water facilities – saving you money.

A guided tour is a great option for those who would prefer to sit back and watch the scenery drift by without the responsibility of driving. The choice is endless when it comes to choosing which one appeals to you the most. You can be region specific if you have particular interests, island specific if you’d rather concentrate on say the north island or you can explore both.

There are month long in-depth itineraries which spend a couple of days in each region, giving you more time to relax and explore, some feature a week to 10 days delving into the highlights of a particular island and there’s also shorter tours for those on time constraints.

We can advise which itinerary will suit you best according to your interests, budget and time frame, plus recommend city and day tours, along with sourcing you the best way to get there, whether it be by air or cruise.

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