Last Minute Travel Deals – are they good value?

Generally speaking – yes they do represent good value.

“Last-minute travel” is usually defined as travel taking place within about 14 days from when you book and you can be lucky enough to enjoy savings of between 30 – 50 per cent off the normal retail price.

That being said – don’t think you can just show up at the airport last minute (like on some movies) and jet off to an island paradise on a flight costing a few dollars, these deals do require booking and payment within a certain time period.

It’s not typically the airlines that reduce their costs, more so it will be package tours and cruises that want to fill extra spots.  These companies closely monitor their passenger numbers and do not want to head off with only half the quota.

Cruise lines in particular quite often will release specials hoping to fill the last few cabins they have available, so if you are flexible with your time and want to try a cruise, let us know.

As travel agents, we are advised ahead of time of any last-minute travel deals about to be released.  So if we have your details and are aware of where and when you might like to travel we can alert you to these savings.

However, if you are the type of person who likes a specific airline, specific style of cabin or room and only likes to travel at a specific time, last-minute travel may not suit.

Sacrifices may need to be made if you choose to leave your reservations to the last minute.  The available choice of hotel, resort or cruise line and the type of rooms on offer will be limited.  The package may not include the same things it does at other times and it is important to be aware of what you are entitled to.  Things to look for are transfers and meals.

If you have children and need to travel during school holidays/peak periods, then it is highly unlikely to cost you any less than it would have, had you booked six months earlier.

We can talk you through the pro’s and con’s of what is available at the time.  For example, often an ‘accommodation only deal’ doesn’t add up to being good value when you have to add in flights at the last hour.  Flights tend to actually increase the closer you get to the departure date.