cherry blossoms Japan

Japan Cherry Blossom 2020

Japan Cherry Blossom

16th April – 29th April 2020

cherry blossoms Japan

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Currently there are 19 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Japan – 15 Cultural sites and 4 Natural sites.

On this tour we will visit 4 UNESCO World Heritage Cultural sites, experience cultural activities such as painting a Japanese chess piece, painting a Kokeshi cylindrical wooden doll, sake tasting and making buck-wheat noodles for lunch.

Be entertained by musicians playing the Japanese Shamisan (3 stringed banjo), cruise through the Geibi-kei Gorge on flat-bottom boats whilst being serenaded to by the singing boatman.

Visit Yamadera (Mountain Temple) which was founded over 1000 years ago in 860 and enjoy the views down into the valley.

Most importantly, view the spectacular cherry blossoms particularly in Hiraizumi, Kakunodate and Hirosaki.


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Tokyo the Capital of Japan and home to some 31,000,000 people is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in Asia. Age old traditions and modern technology meld together in this fast moving metropolis.


Nikko & Lake Chuzenji:

Located along Japan’s Romantic Road Nikko has been a centre of both Shinto and Buddhist mountain worship for many centuries. It is the entrance to Nikko National Park which is most famous for Toshogu, Japan’s most superbly decorated shrine. This area is famous for waterfalls, lakes, landscapes, hot springs, wild monkeys and hiking trails. Lake Chuzenji was formed by the eruption of Mount Nantai some 20,000 years ago.


Ouchijuku, Yamadera & Mogami River:

Ouchijuku is a former Post Town from the Edo period (1603-1868) and was on the Aizu-Nishi trade route. It has been restored to look as it did in the Edo Period with electricity and telephone wires buried. The main street is unpaved and lined with thickly thatched roof buildings.

Yamadera (Mountain Temple) was founded in 860 and is reached by ascending 1000 stairs (optional). The view over the valley from the top is quite breath-taking. Yamadera is also known for a visit by the famous poet Basho who composed one of his most famous Haiku there.

Mogami River is known as the “Mother River of Yamagata Prefecture” and the people of Yamagata have a deep affection for it. On this trip the boatman will sing you a traditional song whilst you take in the sights cruising down the meandering river.

Hiraizumi – Kitakami – Geibi-kei Gorge – Morioka:

In Hiraizumi we will visit Chuson-ji which was established in 850. Initially the Temple had a large network of dozens of buildings but today only two from that era remain intact. The most spectacular is Konjikido which is a hall completely covered in gold and dates back to 1124.

The Geibi-kei Gorge is numbered as one of the most picturesque spots in Japan. High fantastically shaped rock formations carved from the strata of limestone by the Satetsu river tower on both sides of the Gorge.


Kakunodate – Lake Towada – Hirosaki:

Kakunodate is a former Castle Town and was a Samurai Stronghold in ancient days. It is famous for its Samurai traditions and is virtually unchanged since its founding in 1620. There are hundreds of weeping cherry trees and is one of Tohoku’s most popular cherry blossom spots.

Lake Towada is the largest caldera lake on Honshu (Japan’s main island) and is part of the Towada-Hachimantai National Park.

Hirosaki Castle was built in 1611 and rebuilt in 1810 after being struck by lightning. Over 2500 Cherry Blossom trees are found in Hirosaki Park and combined with cherry blossom tunnels, petal filled moats and illuminations in the evening make for stunning memories.

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