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Many people say, once they have tried a European River Cruise they are converted.  There is something magical about a river cruise and its relaxed pace. They provide guests with the opportunity to fully absorb the beauty and romance of the scenic countries they pass through.

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Cologne, Germany | European River Cruise

If you’re new to cruising, read below to learn what this exciting and relaxing way of travel has to offer. From special dinners, to the attentive staff, to the travellers you will share your adventure with.

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1. Dinner at the Captain's Table:

Day two of my cruise and boy did I feel special, I'd received an invite to attend dinner at the Captain's Table.  I met up with the other lucky few at the bar, after the Captain's Welcome Drinks, and we began the night began with Champagne and canapés. 

The Captain and Hotel Manager dressed in their white uniforms looked most dapper as they joined us.  After introductions, our small group moved downstairs to the dining room where a table had been specially laid.  It was a memorable experience to be wined and dined by these handsome men. 

The cheerful Captain skilfully adept at keeping the table entertained, kept us laughing well into the night with his many stories.

2. The adventure:

From the moment I stepped onboard I felt like I was on an adventure.  Each and every day is different.  I woke daily to a fresh view from my balcony, a new port and new city to discover and often a new country. 

My morning ritual involved reaching out from one of the most comfiest beds I have had the pleasure of snoring in, and drawing back the curtains, followed by turning on the TV.  From my floor-to-ceiling doors, I could see whether we were docked or moving.  Often it's hard to tell, the ships glide so quietly and effortlessly through the calm waters of the river.  From the TV I could view the scene in front of us. 

There's strategically placed cameras on the ship providing live video feeds, and the one on the bow was my favourite.  I loved laying back amongst the pillows with a bird's eye view of the goings on outside, and once watched us pull into port via the TV as I was getting dressed.  I felt relaxed, unhurried, and that I wasn't missing anything.

3. The people:

I travelled on my own and, I was on my first River Cruise, so I had no idea what to expect. 

I'm a few years short of the assumed demographic, and usually stick to more adventurous travel, so I was a little apprehensive whether I'd find like minded people to talk to.  I needn't have worried at all, everyone was there for the same reason, all from different walks of life, yet united in capturing the moment, enjoying, exploring, uncovering secrets, sharing tales and becoming new friends. 

My perceived idea of who would be attracted to a River Cruise was thrown out the window on the very first night, when the majority of us made new best friends with the bar staff.  There was old and young, a lady in her late 80's at one end of the scale and a couple in their early 30's at the other. 

It only took a day or so before you could feel the familiarity throughout the ship.  The passengers were recognising each other, the crew were remembering our names, and it actually felt comforting.  It didn't matter whether you were travelling solo or in a group, with only 171 passengers it soon started to feel like an extended family.

4. The 'Hop-on, Hop-offs'.

Affectionately known as the hop-on, hop-offs, these were the variety of entertainers who literally jumped-on at one lock, performed, then jumped off at the next. 

I was singled out (to my delight) by the German glass-blower.  This man dazzled us with his incredible talent handed down from his grandfather, in the art of traditional glass-blowing.  I had already raided his display and purchased several pieces of stunning and unique glassware and jewellery, so when he called me up to create my own, I was ecstatic.  I was shown how to blow and craft a Christmas decoration from a simple stem of glass, mine to keep as a reminder.

5. The Medieval Banquet at the Marksburg Castle

We began this late afternoon tour after being told to wear 'comfortable shoes', heels were not recommended. 

So off we all trotted, dressed for dinner - with walking shoes on.  I'm glad we did though because it made exploring this magnificent castle so much easier.  I climbed narrow staircases, ducked my head through tiny doorways and explored the cobblestoned innards of the 13th century medieval fortress. 

This was followed by an authentic medieval meal, think Game of Thrones.  Long wooden tables, large drinking vessels, huge platters laden with meats and accompaniments, and musicians strumming their way around the room. 

The piece-de-resistance, a suckling pig, sitting proudly baked and stuffed on the centre table.  It was devoured shortly after a photographic session.

6. The Staff:

I can say with absolute conviction, that I have never encountered such a fantastic group of employees.

Every member of staff went out of their way on a daily basis to ensure each passenger was treated like a King or Queen.

They went over and above in all areas, they had incredible attention to detail and a genuine interest and pleasure in providing each guest with 6-star service.