Cheap Holiday Destinations Top Five

  1. Sitting at the top of the list for many Australian’s is Bali.  It’s close location and value for money offerings make it an easy choice.  Once favoured by younger beachy travellers, this destination now caters for every demographic.  The small island of Bali’s accommodation options have grown from modest beachside hotels to now include luxurious private villas and five-star glamorous resorts.  The Island of the Gods has a rich and diverse spiritual culture intermingled with dramatic volcanoes temples, surf beaches and a desirable array of shopping and dining opportunities.  There is something for everyone in Bali.
  2. Fiji has long been an ideal place to escape to.  The tranquillity of its islands and resorts make it a relaxing break.  Perfect for families and couples, this paradise is not for those who love shopping and restaurants, but more for those who love lounging about in a hammock or donning snorkel gear and heading out to explore the underwater wonderland.  Kids love Fiji – the Fijian kids clubs are the best in the world. Fiji is not for travellers who prefer to go flat out, ‘Fiji Time’ is real – and you’d better get used to it.
  3. Cruising, who doesn’t love it.  Get onboard, unpack and that’s it!  You can do as little or as much as you want.  You can choose to explore every port and take every shore excursion, or not.  The food is endless, the shows world class and the activities nowadays on ships – amazing.  There are well-priced itineraries galore to choose from including short three-day hops, Pacific Island explorations, one-way journeys and special interest tours.
  4. Australia, sometimes when we think of heading off on a holiday we forget to consider our own backyard.  Our own wide brown land has so many destinations for your trip and without expensive airfares to factor in, making it one of the cheapest destinations you could go to.  Think outside the square, forget the main cities and have a look at the many coastal and regional destinations featuring outstanding attractions and activities. Each season is well catered for; we have snow sports in winter, dramatic autumn foliage scenery, spring carnivals and festivals plus the coast and island destinations in summer.
  5. South-east Asia is a great destination for a cheap getaway.  Airfares to destinations like Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand are very reasonable and once there, the choice of accommodation enormous.  There’s attractions a-plenty, delicious cuisines and fascinating cultures to explore.