Cheap holiday destinations

Cheap holiday destination

Cheap holiday destination

Are you after some hidden gems where your Aussie dollar will give you value for money? In this week’s short video we will talk about cheap holiday destinations. Enjoy viewing our “Minutes with the manager” video!


Every traveller wants to get as much bang for their buck as possible, but did you know that cheap doesn’t necessarily have to mean nasty? Travelling on a budget applies to many people and it doesn’t limit you to only a handful of destinations.
Most holiday hot spots are accessible to the budget traveller and that is where we come in, we will advise you when and how to get there along with where to stay and what to do, all while keeping your dollar spend to a minimum.

Travelling without confining yourselves to five-star hotels and resorts often leads to memorable and unique experiences. You are more likely to interact with real locals in smaller restaurants and cafes, plus travel on public transport rather than private cars, and these alone will provide a more authentic experience of your destination.

Here’s our list of cheap places to go in 2019.
• Anywhere in Australia as you won’t have to worry about the dollar rate.
• Indonesia, yes there’s Bali, but there’s also plenty more of Indonesia to explore.
• Vietnam and Cambodia, the accommodation is very affordable and the food incredibly cheap.
• India – again, the food is so cheap, think $5 for a meal and with the plethora of accommodation there is something for every budget, think $10 per night in a clean room.
• Turkey, the Turkish tourism board is doing everything possible to regain the tourist numbers it previously enjoyed, so there are great deals to be had.
• Sri Lanka , street food, cheap beer, architecture and history all within your budget.

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