Cheap Flights For Seniors – Are They Available?

The short answer in Australia “currently“ is no.

Here in Australia airlines do not offer special prices for any age group, except infants and children. With domestic flights there is no difference between an adult fare and a child fare, however sometimes certain fees or taxes might be lower. With international flights, child airfares may be charged at 50 per cent to 80 per cent of the full fare depending on the airline and the route.

Sorry seniors there are no special airfares for you. However at Thomas Travel, we can certainly find you the most suitable and best priced airfare according to your destination and dates.
Simply let us know what sort of trip you want to do and we will do the rest.
We know ahead of time when the airlines release a new or special airfare and if we are aware of your plans we can jump in and secure your seats at the best price.

Flexibility with dates is the key to finding the best priced flights, something most seniors have, so take advantage of this. Seniors are generally exempt from the need to travel during school holidays, again take advantage of this and if you can also stay away from peak periods, you will save money.

Some airlines have been known in the past, to introduce a special airfare just for seniors, for particular travel dates and for sale within a particular time frame. A few years back Emirates and Etihad for example provided discounted first and business class airfares just for seniors.

Malaysia Airlines, Thai Airways and China Eastern have also in the past randomly provided special deals for seniors. These specials are something we are immediately notified of and can let you know about – if we know you are interested.

As an alternative, and one that most of the time represents better value, is the Companion Fare. This is a special deal usually in low season, where the airline could offer a 2-for-1 deal. It is generally for both economy and business class and both passengers must travel on the same flights and dates.

Again, this is something we at Thomas Travel have direct access to when the special is released and are able to offer you at incredible savings. Simply let us know you travel intentions ahead of time.