All Inclusive Trips What Does This Mean?

All-inclusive by definition means – denoting or relating to a holiday in which all or most meals, drinks, and activities are included in the overall price. Encompassing everything and everyone, total, complete.

So an all-inclusive trip should be defined as one that includes your flights, accommodation, tours, transfers, meals, drinks, activities, travel insurance and other things like a SIM card for your mobile phone or tablet.

Generally referred to in the travel industry as a package, there are naturally many different types to suit the many genres of travellers. Sometimes they may include extras like water sports and a daily cocktail, sometimes it could be a massage, round of golf and a romantic dinner on a couples retreat.
The definition can vary, but here at Thomas Travel, we can bundle everything you may need for your holiday into an all-inclusive package. We specialise in sourcing the best flight deals to accompany the tour, cruise or road trip you are doing. This doesn’t simply mean finding the best flight price. This means scouring the hundreds of different combinations and transit points to come up with flights that are short in time, connect quickly through stopover points and are well priced.

We ensure that the timings coincide. One of the many issues we hear today from travellers who have made their own bookings online is – that they arrive for their flight only to be told they have missed it. Some of the reasons for this can be;
If you fail to show for a sector on some airlines, the rest of your flights are automatically cancelled.

You have read the times wrong – 1205 – is this five minutes past noon, or five minutes past midnight? So many travellers get this one wrong. Another is when the flight shows on the ticket as for example – 06 July Los Angeles – Melbourne – 0045/0750. Many people head to the airport on July the 6th in preparation for their flight – when in fact they should’ve actually arrived at the airport late in the evening of the fifth.

The same applies to the type of experience you want at your destination. With the myriad of options available today, we wade through these, saving you time and effort and only recommend the companies we know will deliver exactly what they promise.

We are here to ensure these kinds of errors don’t occur and you enjoy a stress free relaxing holiday.