All Inclusive Holiday Packages – What To Check

Having everything paid for in advance certainly takes away – the financial worry of budgeting; exchanging foreign currency; and the little things like wondering what to do with all those left over coins from your holiday. It leaves you free to grab that cocktail, enjoy the private concert performance or take your first jet-ski ride without forking out extra cash – but there are some questions you should ask and be sure of, before committing.
There are differences among the tour and travel companies, resorts and cruise lines, and the words all-inclusive do not necessarily mean the same thing all the time. At Thomas Travel we will advise you of exactly what is included and what is not according to each individual package we provide.
Some questions to ask:
Are all meals included? Is the breakfast full or continental? Are there any snacks or afternoon tea and coffee included?
How many restaurants are available to choose from? What different types of cuisine will be offered?
Are reservations necessary and how far in advance?
Are the meals buffet style or do they offer table service and is this for each meal?
Is room service included?
Are taxes and tips included?

Are cocktails included, or is it only beer and wine?
Are there particular times when alcohol is included or is it all day every day?
Do top shelf liquors or fine wines incur a surcharge?
Are drinks limited in number?
Are taxes and tips included?

What waters ports are available – define which are included and which have a fee?
Is there a spa? Most treatments incur charges, but are sauna, pools and exercise classes included?
Is golf available on or off the resort property? Are the carts or caddy fees included?
Is there a Kids Club? What are the hours? Is there a fee?
What are the shore excursions included?
Are there any classes and optional extras like art, music lessons and cooking?
Is transportation to these activities available and included?

What kind of evening entertainment is included?
Does it change each night?
Are there options that require a fee?
Are there off-site choices for entertainment included?